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Jul 8, 2020

International animation feature film project JOURNEY TO ENCODYA receives script funding from Austrian Film Institute

We are happy to announce that the Austrian Film Institute has informed us today that scriptwriters Nicola Piovesan and Arno Krimmer have been granted a screenplay development grant for their animation feature film screenplay JOURNEY TO ENCODYA. Nicola Piovesan is also attached as director of the film. The film will be produced by Munich-based production house Ascending Entertainment and Vienna-based production house Ascending Film.

JOURNEY TO ENCODYA is based on the dystopian SciFi short film ROBOT WILL PROTECT YOU telling the story of tomboy Tina and her guardian android SAM-53 and their struggle to survive in Neo-Berlin 2062. The 11 minutes-animated short film has been directed by Nicola Piovesan and written by Norwegian scriptwiter Matt Willis-Jones and had a massive festival run - It was selected by prestigious festivals BIFAN in South Korea and SITGES in Spain and received selections for a total of 73 international film festivals, 3 of them being Academy Award-qualifiying festivals. There ROBOT WILL PROTECT YOU received more than 20 awards, nominations and special mentions.

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