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(PC/Mac/Nintendo Switch/PlayStation/Xbox/mobile phones)


Available formats: PC / Mac / Nintendo Switch / Playstation 4 & 5
Xbox One / Xbox Series X
|S / Google Play Store / Apple AppStore

GER/EE (2021)





Produced by:

Nicola Piovesan

Nicola Piovesan

Irina Ivanova


Arno Krimmer

Nicola Piovesan


Ascending Entertainment

Chaosmonger Studios


Neo-Berlin, year 2062. Tina, a 9 years-old tomboy, and SAM-53, her big, clumsy robot guardian are struggling to survive in this dystopian futuristic city. For 3 years Tina has been a homeless orphan, living alone in the urban jungle of the megalopolis, eking out a living on scraps and trash. One day a police raid makes them aware that Tina's dad, a former government cyber expert, might be actually alive and that SAM-53 has valuable information hidden within him which can lead them to Tina's dad.

Reviews for ENCODYA - THE GAME
"The year 2021 has only just begun and we may already be holding out, who knows, the best point'n click of this year."
8.5 - Actu Gaming

"Encodya is a love hymn to graphic adventures rooted in the past, but with eyes firmly  on the present."  
8.0 - Multiplayer IT

"If you like Point and Click adventure games, you should play Encodya, it's simple as that. The story is fulfilling, the soundtrack to die for, and there is a whole fun world to dive into."
4/5 - ImpulseGamer

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