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Journey To Encodya

Animation Feature Film - In Development

Journey to Encodya

Funding: Austrian Film Institute






Produced by:

Nicola Piovesan

Arno Krimmer

Nicola Piovesan


Arno Krimmer

Josef Brandmaier


Ascending Entertainment

Ascending Productions

Neo-Berlin, year 2062. Tina, a 9 years-old tomboy, and SAM-53, her big, clumsy robot guardian are struggling to survive in this dystopian futuristic city. For 3 years Tina has been a homeless orphan, living alone in the urban jungle of the mega- lopolis, eking out a living on scraps and trash. One day a police raid makes them aware that Tina's dad, a former government cyber expert, might be actually alive and that SAM-53 has valuable information hidden within him which can lead them to Tina's dad.

Based on the animation short film ROBOT WILL PROTECT YOU, directed by Nicola Piovesan and written by Matt Willis-Jones, and the computer game ENCODYA which was released in January 2021 on the world's leading gaming platform STEAM for PC and Mac. Later the game was also released for video game platforms and also for mobile phones - Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as well as Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore -

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